Media Release: Asbestos Buy Back Program Doesn’t Have to be One-Size Fits All

On November 28, the ACT Government Asbestos Response Taskforce released their unprecedented buyback scheme, offering a potential solution to a complex issue facing the Canberra community.

On Wednesday evening the ACT Legislative Assembly Committee released its report into the Asbestos Buyback Program, recommending changes aimed at increasing flexibility for individual homeowners and allowing for responses outside the “one size fits all” demolition model.

Rory Markham, lawyer at Boettcher Law, welcomes the recommendations and the increased flexibility the recommendations represent.

“Our major concern with the buyback scheme as originally proposed was that it did not consider the individual interests of homeowners affected by Mr Fluffy. The recommendations that came out Wednesday may allow individuals to exercise a greater degree of choice than was previously possible, which we view as a step in the right direction.”

Many of the recommendations also dealt with mitigating emotional and psychological issues many individuals caught up in the Mr Fluffy saga have experienced, with appeals for accessible long term support services being made available throughout the Canberra community.

“The emphasis here should remain on the individual, who may have already suffered substantial losses financially and emotionally in relation to their asbestos affected home, and giving that individual choices and support moving forward.”

Boettcher Law, with local offices in Manuka and Queanbeyan, is well placed to provide advice to homeowners affected by asbestos contamination and the associated buyback scheme.

“It is critical that homeowners don’t feel compelled to accept a one size fits all solution.” Mr Markham explained. “The terms presented by the government are a considered position, but should not be accepted as a final outcome. Boettcher Law is committed to allowing homeowners to dignity of resolving the Mr. Fluffy crisis in a way that best suits their individual circumstances.”

Boettcher Law is offering free initial consultation sessions to homeowners affected by the Asbestos buyback scheme. Available on Thursday evenings from 5:30- 6:30pm at their Manuka Offices, these sessions are designed to provide an informal drop in environment where affected homeowners can discuss their individual legal situation and requirements.

“While it may be in the best interest for most homeowners to participate in the buyback scheme, there are those who may want support to undertake renovations themselves, or perhaps those who wish to go down a different path entirely. We look forward to discussing each of these clients’ individual needs.”

Ring 02 6232 0609 for more information or to book in for an initial consultation.


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