Professional negligence specialists

Boettcher Law has successfully defended professional indemnity proceedings brought against a major Canberra law firm.

A claim was brought for alleged negligence in the conduct of a personal injury matter. The original matter was successfully settled with the defendant; however, the plaintiff subsequently became unhappy with the value of that settlement, believing that his claim had been worth significantly more, and brought proceedings against his former lawyer. Boettcher Law formed the view that the plaintiff’s claim was entirely without merit and that the personal injury matter had been appropriately handled.

As a result, unlike the majority of professional indemnity matters in Canberra, this matter was not settled before hearing but went to a full hearing before the ACT Supreme Court. After four days of hearing, including extensive cross-examination of the plaintiff, Boettcher Law successfully settled the case. A judgment was given in favour of our client and no damages were paid to the plaintiff.

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